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Friends of Wattle Park exists to bring people who care for Wattle Park together, collectively advocating for the park and actively caring for it.

We aim to preserve, restore and enhance Wattle Park in accordance with the guidelines of the Burra Charter and consistent with the status granted to the Park by National Trust, Victoria, Australian Heritage Commission (National Estate Register) and the Heritage Victoria.

We are an independent membership based volunteer group who advocate for the park, organising monthly working bees and speaking out on issues affecting the Park. We work with Parks Victoria as land managers to inform our community of the cultural and environmental significance of Wattle Park, applying for grants and working with our local communities to raise funds for restoration, enhancement and projects to improve Wattle Park.

To this end we undertake many joint activities with other organisations with similar purposes, often working with local sporting, community and environmental groups to encourage the community use of the park alongside the protection the natural habitat and the Park as a whole.

Please take the time to come down to one of our working bees, we’d love to see you! If you are pressed for time then become a member and not only will you be supporting us financially you will be supporting the preservation of the park for future generations.